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The world gets more “bueno” in Kinder Bueno’s commercials

December 18, 2010

After a very successful Not Only For Kids” campaign  which introduced Kinder Bueno chocolate bar to adult consumers in Poland, the Ferrero brand continued its communication by addressing older audience with a series of visually flamboyant campaigns which established the idea of a world more bueno.

Kinder Bueno's print ad / copy: A world more bueno

Kinder Bueno’s 2007-2008 campaign employed a tagline A World More Bueno and translated this headline into a set of surreal landscapes visited by a girl who is eating a Kinder Bueno bar.  The TV spot re-discover a forgotten 1980s British hit song Come On Eileen by a band called Dexys Midnight Runners.

This year Ferrero launched a new variant of Kinder Bueno – Kinder Bueno Light which is made of white chocolate.  The launch campaign is in line with the previous brand’s communication and showcases the imaginary chocolate world of Kinder Bueno with an attractive young woman floating in the center of it.

Kinder Bueno Light's print ad / copy: So light, so bueno

The headline of Kinder Bueno Light campaign was:  So light, so bueno  and similarly to the previous campaign it targeted mostly female consumers with the sophisticated visual style celebrated both in the print executions as well as in the TV spot.

G7 (Warsaw, Poland) is the advertising agency responsible for Kinder Bueno’s campaigns in Poland.

Kinder Bueno Light ad - citylight pannel at bus shelter

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