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Fruit don’t mix with sugar in Fortuna Juice’s campaign

February 5, 2010

Fortuna is a well-known Polish brand of juice that belongs to Agros Nova company and is present on the Polish market for over 17 years now.  In 2008 Fortuna was relaunched and repositioned as a wide range of sugarfree 100% natural juices – it offers a wide selection of 16 different fruit and vegetable juices.  The advertising campaign was developed by a Polish advertisign agency called Red8 which communicates Fortuna’s new positioning.  The campaign is focused on conveying the key message that no sugar is added to Fortuna juice, unlike some other juice or nectar brands in the market.

In the first TV ad a bag of sugar (male character) is trying to seduce an apple (female character) in the park.  However the apple slaps the sugar bag with her leave and thus gets rid of him. The voice-over says:  In nature fruit don’t mix with white sugar.

Fortuna's print ad / copy: The only grape juice with no sugar added

The campaign continued with another, somewhat scary, TV commercial which takes place in a supermarket where a woman with her child are doing some shopping.  The small boy rushes to a shelf full of juice cartons and is about to pick one, but the voice-over warns the viewers:  It often happens that when you want to buy a juice, you actually end up getting a soft-drink or a nectar which contains even up to 20 sugar lumps…  Luckily Fortuna doesn’t add sugar, because there are only fruit behind our juice.

This ad was a departure from the visual style of the whole campaign, but it played a vital role in educating Polish consumers that there are many cheaper products that resemble juice (similar packaging, similar placement in the shop). These quasi-juice drinks are made of water,  some juice squash and a lot of white sugar which makes them taste quite well. By contrast, Fortuna is the only brand in the market that offers only 100% natural and sugar-free juices.

The next TV spot shows the return of the notorious Mr. Bag-of-Sugar who spots some wholesome grapefruits waiting for a bus. Obviously he wants to join the grapefruits…

The last TV ad that was aired in 2009  features a couple of villains: the well-known Mr. Bag-of-Sugar and the new character –  the Artificial Sweetener. They are sailing at some lake and notice some lovely oranges that are sunbathing at the pier.  Check out below how the oranges manage to get rid of the sweet intruders…

As in all other Fortuna’s commercials the voice-over pinpoints the key message:  In nature fruit don’t mix with white sugar or sweeteners. Therefore Fortuna juices are made of pure fruit and no sugar is added.

The juice category in Poland is very competitive – there are several strong Polish brands:  Tymbark, Hortex and Fortuna as well as Cappy brand that belongs to Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico’s  Toma brand.   Fortuna managed to secure a very clear and strong positioning due to a very consistent communication over the last 3 years.  Fortuna’s brand website: is also a nice example of this consistency.

Foruna's brand website

Advertising Agency:  Red8 Communications Group

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