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Boost your creativeness with “Pawełek” chocolate bar

May 3, 2011

Pawełek (Pauly) is a popular Polish brand of chocolate bars with a flavoured filling that contains small amount of alcohol – the brand belongs to E. Wedel company, now owned by the Japanese Lotte Group.  There are several flavours of Pawełek available: advocat, toffi, amaretto, milk chocolate, milk creamy and milk nut.  A couple of weeks ago Pawełek kicked off a new advertising campaign in Poland with a TV ad that depicts a surprising twist – a male stripper and a clown have arrived at wrong parties by mistake…


The 30-second TV spot ends with the shot of the handsome stripper inside the birthday cake, as he bites his Pawełek bar after hearing from the clown that he is actually arriving to a kids’ party, not the hen night he has prepared to attend. The stripper replies that it’s not a problem for him and that he will come up with some idea how to save the situation in a moment.  The ad closes with a packshot and the voice-over commenting that Pawełek has that special thing inside that keeps you open-minded and easy-going…   So the TV ad doesn’t show how the creative stripper handled the awkward situation, but the curosity of the viewers is channeled to Pawełek’s website  and its Facebook fanpage.

Pawełek's website

The visitors of Pawełek’s website are encouraged to watch three versions of the ad with alternative endings (not shown on TV)and vote for their favourite one.  Additionally they can win many attractive prizes if they write some interesting grounds for their vote.  Below you may watch one of the online spots with the ending not shown on TV.


The campaign is targeted at people aged 25 to 35 and is supposed to boost brand’s attractiveness within this target group by creating the image of Pawełek chocolate bar as delicacy that invites openness and creative thinking.  The campaign was devised by Red8 Advertising, a local Polish agency from Warsaw, while its siblings Red8 Digital and Red8 Social Media have taken care of online activities.

Pawełek's fanpage at Facebook

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