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Pedigree provides a solid proof of dog’s proper digestion

December 28, 2010

Mars’ Pedigree brand of dog food is positioned in the premium segment in Poland (on average it’s twice as expensive as popular cheap brands) and during the troubled year of 2009, it faced the possibility of losing market share as Polish consumers tried to economize threated by the shadow of the recession.  The dog food market in Poland has been dominated by cheap, often private label products because people were not aware of the difference between the available brands.  Therefore Mars Polska, together with its agencies: TBWA\ and Mediacom, developed an advertising campaign to boost the sales of Pedigree by making the consumers aware of its digestive values and its effect on the dog’s well-being.

Print lay-out / copy: Here's the good food ... and there's the solid proof

The campaign was targeted at the owners of dogs who treat their pet as a good friend and companion, but who are not aware of the neggative effects of feeding a dog with poor quality food.  The goal was to create buzz around the “solid proof” (i.e.  dog’s pooh) which constitutes the reason to believe of the brand’s message, make a campaign that will force people to consider the issue of how they feed their dog and consequently put Pedigree’s dry food on their shopping-list.

The TV ad showcased cheerful dogs playing with their owners as the voice-over comments about the dog’s stomaches being in good shape due to perfect digestion which is the result of having a complete and balanced nourishment of Pedigree food.  “We’ve got a solid proof for this!” – says the voice-over as the camera pans by a person removing dog’s solid pile of poop.  I think it was the first time in the history of Polish TV advertising that such an image was shown and obviously it sparked off many debates and heated discussions at internet forums where the opponents and supporters of the campiagn voiced their arguments.

Pedigree's billboard ad with the characteristic dachshund

To sum up, the campaign turned out to be a big success – the sales of Pedigree dry food increased by 10% in 2009 and by 17% during the campaign.  Especially, the outdoor/print executions of the campaign proved to have a very strong recall.  Pedigree’s billboard ad with a dachshund on yellow background was the 2nd best remembered outdoor advertising in 2009 in Poland (according to Mereco research).  This year, Pedigree’s 2009 campaign won the Golden Effie award in the “non-food articles” category in Poland.

Pedigree's creative use of adjacent citylight pannels

Advertising Agency:  TBWA\ Warszawa (Poland)
Media House:   Mediacom Warszawa (Poland)
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