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The best fruit are starring in Fortuna’s juicy blockbuster

December 10, 2010

Fortuna is a leading Polish brand of juice which belongs to a company called Agros Nova.  Since its relaunch in 2008 Fortuna has a very clear positioning – it is a 100% natural and sugarfree juice.  Fortuna’s distinctive advertising format – which I descibed here before –  features animated fruit as protagonists who do not wish to mix with sugar.  The previous campaign employed a pay-off:  Fortuna. 100% juice. No sugar added as in the following TV spot that was aired in July 2010 to launch a new Apple-Mint flavour.

In October 2010 Fortuna kicked off a new advertising campaign which introduced brand’s new slogan:  The best fruit are starring in our juice.  The creative format showcases Fortuna’s animated fruit as movie stars who play the lead roles in its range of juices.  The first TV copy features a banana driving a red convertible and announcing that it’s natural for him to appear only in the best productions.  A pineapple follows in a powerboat declaring that he had to mature for this role…

The other TVad has been aired since mid-November and it launches a new flavour of green “sweetie” grapefruit which sits comfortably in his limo wearing black sunglasses and reveals that they called for him to play this role in the last moment, but his natural sweetness made him accept the offer. 

Advertising Agency:  Red8 Communications Group, Warsaw (Poland)
Media House:  MediaCom Warszawa
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