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Plus touts its offer for small businesses with a Dynasty-themed campaign

May 13, 2012

In 2011, Plus – one of the major mobile networks in Poland – introduced a new advertising format for communicating its business offer.  The campaign entitled Moda na Biznes [Business style] – which employs mostly TV ads and print advertising – parodies Dynasty, the notorious American prime-time soap opera of the 1980s which was also extremely popular in Poland in the early 1990s.  Dynasty was the TV show which defined how the Polish people had imagined the lifestyle of the rich businessmen in the early post-communist era.  Plus’ campaign brings to life the spirit of Dynasty in a pretty meticulous way – check out the introductory spot below which was modeled upon the “opening credits sequence” of the famous soap opera.


The campaign introduced several characters: Henryk – the Blake Carrington-kind of partriarch; Róża – his dignified and forgiving wife; Konrad – his eldest son; Klara – independent and dynamic owner of a small business; the deceitful and scheming Maks.

Plus print ad of the Business Style campaign

Every new TV ad was designed to move the storyline of the central characters forward with the typical soap opera fashion of schemes and love affairs, while simultaneously presenting the main benefits of Plus’ small business offering.  Check below the spot in which Klara and Maks are caught red-handed by Konrad, while discussing the Plus offer of internet transfer in smartphones for small businesses.


Klara, the young and attractive businesswoman, rose to prominence as the one who employs all the brand new solutions offered by Plus to run her company in a most efficient way – she also uses her charms to persuade the male characters to give it a try.


Below you may see the spot which announced the second season of the Business Style campaign.  The campaign was developed by Young & Rubicam Warsaw, while the spots were directed by Wojciech Smarzowski.

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