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OLT Express is a new Polish airline that aims to conquer the skies

April 28, 2012

OLT Express is a new Polish airline that was established in 2011 after a company called Amber Gold took over two airlines: OLT Jetair (operating mainly on local Polish routes) and Yes Airways (a charter airline) and merged them together to form one airline called OLT Express. Regarding the domestic market, OLT Express is the first private Polish airline in several years time that may threaten the supremacy of the LOT Polish Airlines as well as the position of PKP Intercity, the slow and outdated railway service.

OLT Express commenced its operations in April 2012 with a schedule of 24 domestic routes from 9 Polish airports in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Lodz, Szczecin and Rzeszow.  This inauguration schedule was heavily promoted mostly with out-of-home advertising such as huge megaboards in the top locations of the cities.  The ads focused on the airlines’ attractive red-dressed flight attendants, the promo price of 99 PLN for a one-way flight and the airline’s claim: New Polish Airlines.

OLT Express megaboard ad in Lodz

During the last 2 weeks OLT Express was pretty busy announcing new european routes which shall be introduced in the airline’s Fall Schedule.  So far  there were announced: 5 new routes from Lodz (Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris Orly, Rome Fiumicino and Frankfurt Hahn), 7 new routes from Rzeszów (Amsterdam, Dortmund, Hamburg, Munich Memmingen, Oslo, Paris Orly and Rome Fiumicino), 13 new routes from Gdansk (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, Hamburg, Cologne, London Gatwick, Marseilles, Munich Memmingen, Paris Orly, Reykjavik Keflavik, Rome Fiumicino, Venice and Verona)…

… 11 new routes from Bydgoszcz (Bristol, Cork, Dortmund, Edinburgh, Frankfurt Hahn, Liverpool, London Gatwick, Milan-Bergamo, Munich Memmingen, Newcastle, Paris Orly and Rome Fiumicino) and finally 17 new routes from Warsaw (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Cologne, London Gatwick, Lyon, Milan-Bergamo, Munich Memmingen, Munster-Osnabruck, Paris Orly, Rome Fiumicino, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Venice and Verona).  Well, a pretty heavy schedule for a new-comer!

Therefore OLT Express has just kicked off its first TV campaign to build brand awareness, brand image and push the Poles to book the new flights that have already been made available at the OLT Express website:


The TV campaign consists of three executions: two 45″ image ads (one for the mainstream clients and the other for the business target group) and a 15″ promotional ad.  The spots were shot in Gdansk, Cracow and Lodz with the use of its Airbus A320.  The new ads went on air on April 20, 2012.  The ads seem to recall the imagery of Virgin Atlantic’s commercials.

Advertising Agency:  Schulz Brand Friendly

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