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Kinder Bueno’s Not Only For Kids campaign

November 5, 2010

Ferrero‘s chocolate bar called Kinder Bueno has been quite popular in Poland.  However, due to the positioning of the Kinder line (e.g.  Kinder Surprise eggs) it was originally considered as a chocolate bar for children.  In 2002 Ferrero decided to change the image of Kinder Bueno and broaden the target group. 

A new advertising campaign – devised by Polish advertising agency G7  – addressed the adult audience with sexy images of young men and women whose lips bore visible traces of chocolate.  The campaign’s slogan said: Not Only For Kids.  The photographs used in the campaign had a very distinguishable warm and chocolate-like tone of colours.

This campaign started in Poland in 2003 and continued until 2005 – it included outdoor (billboards, citylight bus shelters and city buses) and ads in lifestyle magazines.  The “Not Only For Kids” campaign attracted a lot of attention and achieved the goal of repositioning Kinder Bueno as a delicate chocolate bar for both kids and adults

The creative team at G7 agency that crafted this campaign included:  Przemek Bogdanowicz, Maciek Kowalczuk and Kinga Grzelewska.  The photographs were taken by Marek Straszewski and the typography was made by Ania Nalecka.

After the print advertising  challenged the common perception of Kinder Bueno,  a  TV spot was released to support the new brand image.  The following spot was aired for several years since its premiere in 2004 and depicted sexy young adults relishing their Kinder Bueno in an almost erotic manner. The closing slogan is: Feed Your Senses. Not Only For Kids.  

Kinder Bueno’s spot easily won the adults’ attention with its pure image content, but it also brought Amanda Lear, a completely forgotten disco star of the 1970s, back into fame as her song Enigma was extensively featured in this TV commercial. The campaign  unintensionally promoted Enigma (Give a bit of mhm to me)  back into radio playlists and mobile ringtones charts. Whenever people heard Amanda Lear’s low-pitched sexy voice on the radio, Kinder Bueno was back on their mind as well…

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  1. Janii permalink
    May 17, 2011 13:04

    hi, who is this model (darkhaired) in the kinder bueno advertisement, whats her name?

  2. serious sam permalink
    November 18, 2011 00:07

    this is too cheap as campagn…..what about making a porn of it? kinder suc=ks


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