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Simplus got inspired by the X-Files’ mood in its 2009 campaign

June 26, 2010

Simplus, the pay-as-you-go brand of Plus mobile network, is quite famous for its long-term advertising campaign which recycles the well-known film genres to convey the brand’s current sales promotion. You may have read here before about the earlier Simplus’ executions within this on-going campaign: the parody of  The Others‘ type of psychological horror, the French Revolution campaign and the Malena movie-inspired Italian Affair campaign.   In November of 2009 Simplus started a new promotion in which a Simplus-user who topped-up his mobile with 30 PLN received either 100 minutes, 100 text messages or 100 MB free-of-charge. The campaign that communicated this new offer was inspired by the popular American TV series called The X-Files and its characteristic mood of mystery and uncertainty. 

In the first TV spot, shot in Romania with American cast, the look-alikes of Mulder and Scully discover a gigantic “100” made of stone in a middle of a desert… The same motive was employed in the print and outdoor ads of Simplus’ new offer.

100 minutes or text messages or MB - free-of-charge

The second TV commercial of this campaign recreates another typical X-Files’ imagery – on a rainy night Mulder and Scully arrive at a secluded farm where the owner shows them a strange collection of cocoons hanging in his barn…

Advertising Agency:  Team One, Warsaw
Director:  Maciek Kowalczuk (Chuk Chuk)

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