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Malena’s hairy armpit in Simplus’ latest campaign

September 12, 2009

Simplus, the biggest pay-as-you-go mobile network in Poland, is famous for its ongoing campaign of film genre’s parodies.  Until now Simplus has delivered successful parodies of latino soap opera, western movie, horror film (The Others),  historical epic (French Revolution) and submarine movie (Das Boot).  In its latest campaign entitled Italian Affair, Simplus has tackled the Italian movie Malena (2000, dir. Giuseppe Tornatore) which stars Monica Belucci. The print ads (posters placed in cinemas across Poland) imitate  the old-school film posters from the 1940-1950s.

Simplus' poster - headline: Non-limited talking with chosen person

Simplus' poster - headline: Non-limited talking with chosen person

Simplus’ Italian Affair campaign promotes a new service called Unrestricted Number [Swobodny Numer]  which allows the user of Simplus network to phone and text a chosen person within this network free-of-charge without any limits.  The TV commercial ends with a funny shot of Malena exposing her hairy armpit…

Well, perhaps in the 1940s when the history of Malena takes place women didn’t shave their armpits…


Malena's hairy armpit in Simplus TV ad

Brand:  Simplus (Polkomtel)
Advertising Agency:  Team One
Media Agency:  Universal McCann
Production House:  Film Republic
Art director:  Aneta Szeweluk-Skarbek
Creative director:  Artur Dynowski
Copywriter:  Piotr Skarbek
Director:  Michał Stabliński
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  1. pitlover permalink
    March 26, 2010 23:12

    What a sexy lady. This is my kind of film poster

  2. August 7, 2010 12:00

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  3. armpitlova permalink
    August 18, 2010 14:03

    full of indonesian actresses with ampit hair


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