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The aliens examine a cow in Simplus’ latest campaign

September 28, 2010

This month Simplus – Poland’s biggest pay-as-you-go mobile brand  returned with a new advertising campaign that continues the brand’s long-lasting  film genres format.  The new campaign parodies the UFO-themed science-fiction movies as the aliens’ spaceship captures a cow from a pasture.  Inside the spaceship the aliens examine the cow as the example of the inteligent terrestrials.

Basically the aliens want to find out how the terrestrials stop the time from running, but the poor cow obviously doesn’t know the answer.  At the end of the spot a man chases the spaceship shouting that it’s Simplus that stops the time just after the first minute of the phone-call, so you can have the rest of your phone-call for free. 

Hey Terrestrial! Switch on the Countless Conversations!

This is Simplus’ latest promotion called Bezlik Rozmów  [Countless Conversations].  In the second spot the aliens have already solved how to milk the cow and they also recite the rules of Simplus promotion.

The campaign also runs on several outdoor formats such as billboards, bus-shelter ads and citylight pillars.

Simplus' outdoor ads / slogan: Hey Terrestrials! After 1 minute you talk for free!

Advertising Agency:  303, Warsaw
Media Agency:   Media Direction OMD
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  1. October 19, 2010 18:57

    thanks for sharing the info.that is interesting.


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