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Chinese mafia struggles to get hold of that precious 5 zlotys coin in Simplus’ campaign

March 7, 2011

I have written several times here about Simplus‘ ongoing advertising format – each new campaign is made to resemble a popular film genre, like for example a horror or alien/UFO movie, or a particular well-known film, e.g. The X-Files or Malena.  In January 2010 Simplus – Polish biggest pay-as-you-go mobile network targeted at young people – had a campaign that was inspired by Hong Kong action movies about the local mafia, like the John Woo’s triad films. 

Without Li-Mi-Ts: Calls and Text messages with 3 mates for 5 zlotys

The first TV spot called Bar featured a dynamic sequence at the back of some Chinese bar where the master of the local mafia meets a guy who apparently has the desired object – the 5 zlotys coin which the mafia boss can exchange for unlimited calls with his 3 mates in Simplus network…

The TV and cinema campaign was supported with online and outdoor adverts with the key visual of the Chinese dragon and a stylized headline Bez Li-Mi-Tu which stands for: Without Li-Mi-Ts.

Simplus' billboard / copy: Without Limits. Phonecalls and Text messages with 3 friends for 5 zlotys

Some time after the premiere of the first TV copy, the second shorter 15-second TV ad called Boat was released which showcased another exchange scene between the Mafia boss and some young man that brings him the sought-after coin of 5 Polish zlotys.  The sight of the coin makes the Chinese mobster pretty emotional…

Advertising Agency:  Team One, Warszawa (Poland)

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