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I am Sprite and you are thirst. Thirst’s got no chance!

June 12, 2010

Since 2005 Sprite has been running an advertising campaigns in Poland with a tagline Thirst’s got no chance.  This creative concept was developed by Gruppa66 Ogilvy (2005-2007) and later continued by Publicis agency. It is certainly one of the most successful campaigns targetted at the difficult 16-24 age group which both boosted sales of Sprite and its image among the target audience. 

The absurd sense of humour, the average-looking anti-hero characters that appeared in the TV spots, and the great copy-line “I am Sprite and you are Thirst!”  that soon became part of teenagers’ vernacular are the main reasons of its success. The latest TV ad that continues this creative line is being aired right now in Poland and features a strip poker scene with a quite unusual ensemble of characters…

In a 2008 commercial we have a funny threesome game on a dancefloor that ends up with two boys embracing in a rather uneasy slow dance, while the girl is satisfying her thirst with Sprite…

One of the most popular Polish ads of Sprite is the one called Scarf  from 2007  which employs the characteristic scarfs of some particular Polish football teams to convey the message of  Thirst being again cleverly outsmarted by Sprite. This campaign also announced a special on-line contest in which participants could win a role in the next Sprite’s TV spot.

Below you may watch one of the earliest Sprite commercials of the Thirst’s got no chance campaign and probably one of the most violent and subversive in its tone. Such powerful communication made it easier for young people to internalize the brand’s message with the tricky I am Sprite line.

Advertising Agency:  Gruppa66 Ogilvy, Warsaw (Poland)

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