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Retired football legends – Figo, Boniek & van Basten – star in the latest campaign for Tyskie beer

March 21, 2012

Tyskie – a light pilsner type of beer containing 5.6% alcohol by volume – is the most popular beer brand in Poland and a long time market share leader, but also an export brand which has won several prestigious awards in the brewing industry around the world. For a long time, Tyskie has been building an image of a brand that Poles could be proud of and therefore also it engaged in sports (e.g. sponsoring the Polish Olimpic Team) to boost the support for Polish sportsmen.  Now as the most important sports event in Polish history – the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine – is approaching, Tyskie which is not in any way associated with this event (a rival beer brand Warka is the official sponsor of Polish National Football Team) kicks off the biggest campaign in the brand’s history which stars three retired football legends: the Pole Zbigniew Boniek, Dutchman Marco van Basten, and Portugal’s Luis Figo.

copy: And you, will you cheer?

The campaign is designed to be a long-term effort which encourages Poles to support and cheer their team during the preparation period and the anticipated EURO 2012 tournament which is scheduled to inaugurate on 8 June 2012 on the newly-constructed National Stadium in Warsaw with the match Poland vs. Greece.  In the opening TV ad Boniek, Figo and van Basten invite all the Poles to meet at the biggest stadium in the world – the virtual one at – where anybody can find its place to meet with friends and cheer the Polish Team.


The campaign’s slogan – We Want To Cheer  [Chcemy Kibicować – in Polish] is also the address of the special campaign microsite which is the center of all online activities, such as the enrollment of all 908 existing Polish towns in the cheer-action and contest in which users can win personalized football fan gadgets.

Tyskie's campaign microsite -

Other activities within the campaign include merchandizing materials in the point-of-sale and a series of events in selected towns as well as the activation of brand’s Facebook fanpage, YouTube channel and a strong internet display campaign.  A press conference featuring Boniek, Figo and van Basten is also to be organized.

Kompania Piwowarska – Tyskie’s parent brewery – estimates that this year their beer sales will increase by a few percentage points above the average for the industry and Tyskie brand should be the main driver of that growth.

Advertising Agency:  DDB Warszawa (Poland)
BTL and Digital Agency:  Tequila Polska
Media Agency:  Starcom, Warszawa
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