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Be like Chuck Norris and get a quick cash loan at BZ WBK!

March 12, 2012

Chuck Norris, the famous American actor and martial artist, is the latest international celebrity to join the roster of BZ WBK’s campaign stars – he follows in the footsteps of Antonio Banderas who headlined BZ WBK’s cash loan campaigns throughout 2011.  BZ WBK is the 4th largest bank in Poland which gained notoriety by hiring famous foreign actors – John Cleese, Danny DeVito,  Gerard Depardieu, Antonio Banderas and now also Chuck Norris – to front its marketing campaigns since 2008.

BZ WBK's local branch branding with Chuck Norris touting the "fast & good" cash loan

The campaign with Mr. Norris is planned for a couple of months and for the time being only the first TV commercial has been aired in which Chuck visits BZ WBK’s branch in his Texas Ranger’s attire and gets a speedy cash loan by warning the dazed bank advisors that he always comes only once…  The voice-over comments that at BZ WBK anyone can be like Chuck Norris and obtain a cash loan during just one quick visit at the bank branch.


The TV campaign is heavily supported with billboards, branding of the bank’s branches and online activities.

BZ WBK's billboard with Chuck Norris / copy: How did Chuck Norris get a loan?
- Painlessly.

There are several versions of the billboards which feature different images of Chuck Norris accompanied by a variety of funny headlines which always evoke the humour of the popular “Chuck Norris jokes”.

BZ WBK's billboard with Chuck Norris / headline: What did Chuck Norris see when he entered for 10 minutes? - A few bucks.

As for the digital part of the campaign, the iconic character of Chuck Norris has been utilized to provoke buzz and engagement among the users – for example at the bank’s official YouTube channel the Texas Ranger caused a major demolition.

There was also a special application called “Be Like Chuck!” available at BZ WBK’s Facebook fanpage which allowed users to model their picture to make it resemble the unshaven look of Chuck Norris.

Advertising agency:  Mather Communications, Warsaw (Poland)
Digital & Social Media agency:  Lemon Sky
Media agency:  Starcom
Production House:  RedWorks 
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  1. March 15, 2012 08:26

    Reblogged this on Espacio de MANON.

  2. March 19, 2012 09:04

    That was a good example on using Chuck Norris to get a quick loan pretty amazing 🙂

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