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Sponsorship activation campaigns herald EURO 2012 in Poland

October 9, 2011

Next June, Poland and Ukraine will be holding the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as EURO 2012. For Poland – by all means – it is the most prestigious sports event we have ever hosted and a major organizational challenge, but also a fantastic opportunity to promote the country. For the first time Polish National Football Team will participate in the EURO championship tournament  (it has never managed to win the qualification stage before) and thus the sponsorship of the team may be a precious marketing tool to engage consumers, evoke emotions and build brand image.  Let’s have a look at some of the brands that decided to support the Polish National Football Team and check how they exploit the sponsorship so far.

Orange's billboard / copy: This may be your place - win tickets for UEFA EURO 2012

Orange, one of the biggest mobile networks in Poland, is the main sponsor of the Polish team and just a week ago it launched its first major campaign that activates the sponsorship.


Orange’s adverts announce a consumer promotion in which people who buy any Orange product and send a text message have a chance to win tickets for EURO 2o12 matches or the official UEFA EURO 2012 balls.  The ads also communicate the special website for the Orange sponsorship:

Cisowianka's billboard / copy: Cisowianka, the official mineral water of Polish Football Team

Cisowianka, the popular Polish brand of mineral water, was one of the first marketeers that started to use the associations to EURO 2012 in its communication (the billboard campaign in Spring).  Two months ago Cisowianka started a new major TV campaign which showcases a bunch of schoolkids that illegaly enter a big football stadium to play a game.  Cisowianka’s new slogan states that it’s A source of good emotions.


Biedronka [Ladybird] – the biggest retailer in Poland with over 1700 supermarkets across the country (owned by Portuguese company Jeronimo Martins) – is also one of the major sponsors of Polish National Football Team.  In the spring Biedronka started a funny TV campaign which featured Franciszek Smuda, the coach of Polish team.  At the press conference Smuda is to announce the names of the players who will represent Poland in EURO 2012 tournament.  To our surprise he starts reading the names of some random Poles who had never expected to be called to play for the national team…


Biedronka’s commercial closes with the slogan:  We are all the national team.  The same slogan was employed for its billboard campaign.

Biedronka's billboard / copy: We are all the national team

Finally, let’s have a look at Warka, a Polish beer brand that for quite a long time now uses association to football as its main brand image component.  Now Warka is also one of the official sponsors of Polish National Football Team.  In Spring Warka kicked off its sponsorship with a joyful image spot which seems to take place at the Warka Brewery…  The ad introduced a slogan: Together We Represent Poland.

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