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Coca-Cola, Tic Tac, Wedel and Hyundai are getting ready for EURO 2012 in Poland

April 15, 2012

It is less than 2 months left before the biggest football event in Polish history begins on 8 June 2012 – the UEFA European Football Championship – all the major marketeers that are sponsors of the event or Polish National Football Team have already kicked off their main campaign efforts communicating their involvement with the event.  A few months ago I discussed here some early campaigns heralding the upcoming event, but now it’s time for the main advertising push.

Coca-Cola's Polish EURO2012-themed minisite

Coca-Cola which is the official sponsor of EURO2012 has launched its major football-themed campaign in Poland with people being magically transformed into the epitomes of football fans while watching the games on TV.


Tic Tac, the popular 2-calorie candy brand from Ferrero, extended its Freshness in Two Words campaign into EURO2012-themed marketing push which includes a special edition of white & red Tic Tacs which thus represent the colours of the Polish National Flag.


Tic Tac's EURO2012-styled Polish website

The Tic Tac’s campaign includes TV ads, but is also heavily supported in internet with a special edition of the brand’s website, Facebook activity and special video materials on the brand’s  YouTube channel.

Wedel, Polish flagship confectionary brand, is among the national sponsors of EURO 2012 – its current advertising campaign continues the animal-themed Factory of Pleasure format adopted from Cadbury, its former owner. In its latest TV ad cheerful animals perform the popular “Mexican wave” which is a common custom at football stadiums around the world.  The spot closes with the claim:  Join the Wave of Pleasure!


Hyundai, the Korean car brand, is the official Partner of UEFA EURO 2012 and therefore also released a TV ad which communicates the partnership to promote its new generation of Hyundai i30 model.  The campaign is also connected with contest for the people who make a test-drive of Hyundai i30 – they can win tickets for EURO2012 matches.

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