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Big hits covered by the smashing vegetables of Bonduelle

June 20, 2009

Bonduelle, a French producer of canned and frozen vegetables, entered Polish market in the 1990s when there was no other recognizable brand in the category that would use ATL advertising. Bonduelle used this opportunity to build a very unique premium brand image and now claims 40% market shares in canned vegetables category in Poland.

Corn (girl) and Peas (boy) - the main characters of Bonduelle advertising in Poland

Corn (girl) and Peas (boy) - the main characters of Bonduelle advertising in Poland

Bonduelle was launched in Poland with a highly memorable TV campaign that featured a famous musical hit – a title song from Singin’ in the Rain covered by Polish singer Zbigniew Wodecki with new lyrics in Polish: “I’m singin’ in the rain / I feel kind of green / And it’s so fresh / When the rain falls from the clouds…”.  The protagonist of the TV spot – the green Peas sings and dances imitating the famous scene frome the Gene Kelly’s standard.

This first campaign is still recalled by Polish people and very appreciated.  It set the standard for all subsequent campaigns of Bonduelle in Poland.  The consistency of Bonduelle advertising format over the years  is a real standout in the market.  A Polish Bonduelle TV commercial is always a cartoon (recently a 3D animation) with personified vegetables: corn, peas, carrots, beans or broccoli that sing and dance to some popular music hit.  Bonduelle’s main brand claim in Poland is: Przebojowe Warzywa Bonduelle = Smashing Hit Vegetables of Bonduelle.

Some of the songs that are performed by the Bonduelle vegetables in the TV spots were recorded by top Polish singers. In the following spot called “Fitness Club” the song was recorded by Maryla Rodowicz, a very successful Polish artist.

In the recent years Bonduelle returned to television after a few years of silence with a refreshed style of their TV format.  The first new spot from 2007 called “Where’s the Peas?” covers the all-time classic Ray Charles‘ song – Hit the Road Jack.

In this commercial the peas is characterized in the lyrics as a typical male macho who is always ready to pick up a new girl, but eventually he decides to stick to the corn-girl.

The next TV spot that was aired in 2008 was called “I feel kind of green” and it covered the big musical hit from   Grease movie (1978) –  “You’re The One That I Want” which was originally performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  This time the spot features four types of vegetables: peas, corn, diced carrot and red bean – all singing, dancing and having fun. Peas, Carrot and Bean are all battling here for the attention of the corn-girl. What is worth mentioning is that the Bonduelle spots are really appreciated by Polish audience and a lot of people search for these commercials in Internet to hear the songs again.

Advertising Agency: Red8 Communications, Warsaw (Poland)

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