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Danone’s Small Hunger goes viral and social

April 4, 2010

Small Hunger  [Mały Głód in Polish] is the naughty hero of Danone Poland‘ s long-running advertising campaign for its subbrand of cream cheese called Danio which has been a major success in Poland.

This campaign, developed by Young & Rubicam Warsaw, has been on air since 2004 and thus the character of Small Hunger boasts of huge awareness and popular recognition.  Danio’s last TV spot of 2009 showcased the Small Hunger in a steamy bathroom scene with a very attractive young woman.

As always the mischievous Small Hunger is defeated at the instant when the woman grabs the Danio creamy cheese.  Danone decided to take advantage of Small Hunger’s popularity and made him the hero of several on-line efforts handled by a local agency called Heureka.  As it happened before, an unofficial and “banned” version of a TV commercial was released and became a viral hit with over 160,000 views on YouTube alone. 

Small Hunger has been a very active personality at Facebook and his fanpage boasts over 53,ooo fans as of April 2010.  There is also a special website: which is adapted to the current marketing activities of Danio and the Small Hunger – it also delivers new fans to the Small Hunger’s fanpage. Currently the website is announcing The Big Invasion of Small Hunger – a detective game.  

The Big Invasion of the Small Hunger

 The latest TV campaign that has been on air since March 2010 depicts a teenage boy caught by surprise in front of the fridge that seems full of food, though lacking the crucial weapon against the Small Hunger – Danio cream cheese…

Advertising Agency:  Young & Rubicam, Warsaw (Poland)
Interactive Agency:  Heureka
Media Agency:   Mediacom Warsaw (Poland)

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