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Lech Premium beer glorifies the manly Friday night’s celebration

April 13, 2010

Lech Premium Beer is one of the top Polish beer brands produced by Kompania Piwowarska which is part of SABMiller plc. In 2004 this brand was successfully repositioned as an aspirational upper mainstream refreshment for young urban males.  Lech is a rare example of Polish beer which boasts of a very youthful and modern image – it is partly a result of the new packaging design which was also introduced in 2004 and featured the new green bottle and a  bold new logo. The green bottle is a sign that Lech is fighting for the same target  as the big international brands: Heineken and Carlsberg which are also sold in green packaging.  However Lech’s market success wouldn’t be possible without the brave and consistent advertising campaigns.


One of Lech’s most memorable campaigns was launched in 2007 with the slogan: Friday’s coming. Things are about to happen!  The campaign focused on the manly celebration of Friday night as the beginning of the weekend.  Lech as a brand has been always associated with fun and having good time together – it’s a kind of beer you have at a big party or when you’re out in a pub or a club with your pals. Therefore the weekend is so crucial for the brand and Lech worked hard to build the right associations.  Grandes Kochonos, a local Polish ad agency, created a series of big budget TV spots which showcased the quintessential moments of the approaching Friday evening.

Like your bad boss asking for some report you haven’t prepared just when you’re leaving the office in a most unusual way…

You may wonder why the Polish commercials are shot in English – well, it’s a way to make them look more international and cosmopolitan. I assume the client and the agency hoped the consumers would associate Lech with the values they tend to associate only with the international brands.

The second spot caused some discussions about the misogynist treatment of women who are send away in a fake rescue action, so that the men can fully enjoy their Friday night over Lech beer in their manly circle.  

The third spot features an outburst of tornado as being covered by a vain TV anchorman. The tornado obviously heralds the explosive Friday’s beginning of the weekend.

All the spots are closed up with Lech’s claim at that time: Lech. Things are about to happen!

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