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Danone’s Small Hunger becomes even more sneaky

March 21, 2011

Danone‘s Polish cream cheese subbrand Danio has a new advertising campaign on air at the moment – it’s a new episode in Danio’s long-lasting campaign with the popular mascot character called Small Hunger that personifies the “evil” which can be defeated by eating a portion of Danio.

Danio’s new campaign has been announced as a new creative extension of the well-known format.  Until now, Small Hunger was a pretty decent enemy – he used to attack his victims outright face-to-face.  In the new format, however, the mischievous Small Hunger is far more cunning and sneaky – now he may adopt the look of any object around the house and attack you when you least expect it.  In the first new TV ad Small Hunger employs a crafty camouflage as a pillow and lays his hands on the hero while he’s watching TV in bed.

Advertising Agency:  Young & Rubicam, Warsaw (Poland)
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