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Choose your type of Gazeta Wyborcza and read it your way!

October 5, 2010

Gazeta Wyborcza has remained the most influential and opinion-forming daily newspaper in Poland since 1989 when it was established.  Nowadays it has the second-largest circulation in Poland of around 400,000 – 500,000 printed copies daily – only the tabloid-paper called FAKT can boast a higher circulation.  As Gazeta Wyborcza has been developing its online and mobile versions, it was crucial to communicate the idea of having your daily paper in a notebook or a mobile phone.  The advertising campaign was prepared to showcase Wyborcza as a multimedia source of information which allows you to choose the format you find most convenient.  The TV ad – entitled Paper Boy – is an elaborate 3-D animation made by Lightcraft studio.

The spot has been aired on all the major TV channels and showed in cinemas across Poland.  There is one problem with the relevance of this ad to Polish circumstances as there’s no tradition of paper-boys delivering papers on their bikes to people’s houses in Poland.  The whole idea looks purely American, though the message of the spot is obvious.   The campaign also included outdoor, print and internet.  Below you may see the beautifully simple and clear billboard that skillfully conveys the key message of the campaign – the availability of  Wyborcza in three formats: paper, online and mobile.

Gazeta Wyborcza's billboard / headline: Wyborcza of Your Choice

 There was also a special print ad that promoted the online edition of Gazeta Wyborcza – the portal which is already a very popular site with the paper’s readers.

Print ad for - the online edition of Gazeta Wyborcza

Advertising Agency:  JiS Advertising, Poland
Creative Director:  Hubert Stadnicki
Art Director:  Wiktor Pietrzak
Copywriter:  Hubert Stadnicki
Director:  Hubert Stadnicki
3-D Animation & Compositing:  Piotr Marczak
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