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Tic Tacs epitomize freshness in two words

September 13, 2011

Tic Tacs, the popular 2-calorie candies from Ferrero, kicked off a new campaign format in Poland this year.  The new campaign introduced the slogan Freshness in two words and focuses on the talking candies as the protagonists of a series of funny short spots that despite airing on TV have been also heavily promoted on YouTube.


All the spots – that tend to be either 10 to 15 seconds long – depict the characteristic Tic Tac candies engaged in some small talk that ends up with a funny pun regarding freshness.

In the spot below a confused candy is looking for his box, comes across two other TicTacs to ask the way, but they start teasing and call him “Freshman”.


The ads also introduced new flavours of Tic Tacs as the video below which features red (cherry) and yellow (passion fruit) Tic Tacs discussing the qualities of their respective tastes at some disco.  The yellow one wonders if their flavour is sweet or refreshing.


For the summer period Ferrero launched a consumer promotion in which people who purchased at least 3 boxes of Tic Tacs and sent via text message or Facebook their receipt number could win 4 trips to Seychelles or hammocks and sunbeds as other prizes.

Bus shelter advertising for the Tic Tac's summer promotion in Poland (2011)

The summer promotion was communicated in outdoor ads as well as via a special TV spot (below) which directed consumers to Tic Tac’s website that included more details of the promotion.


In July a new flavour – Intense Mint – was launched with the spot in which the Intense Mint Tic Tac undergoes psychoanalytic therapy due to his superiority complex.


The latest spot – entitled Flowerpot – premiered just a few days ago and you may check it out below.


Last but not least, it’s worth to mention that Tic Tac’s Polish fanpage on Facebook has been kept very active throughout the year garnering over 62,000 fans so far.  The simplicity of the campaign format made it easy and fast to create loads of comic strips that were regularly published.  Below you may see an example of such comic strips.

copy: - A real man should smell of horse, cigar and whisky! - You could as well call it "un-freshness" in three words

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  1. toltek permalink
    September 16, 2011 07:57

    As they say, one of the golden rules in marketing is to: ‘Shamelessly steal & improve’. I find this case of Poland’s Tic-Tacs a perfect example of this rule. Both concept and most facets of execution are copy-cat m&m’s campaign run from 2006 through 2010 with mind blowing success in sales and brand strength. By the way the m&m’s campaing in Poland was also based on cinema campaign developed by m&m’s in Dannish market (of note-also by a Pole:-)-but key to its huge success in Poland was that this idea of personality play amongst characters and then engaging consumers into fan activities was expanded as the Big Idea and then multiplied consistently across touchpoints which gave brand a true boost in salience. Good luck to Ferrero crew.


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