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Feel Invited – Poland’s latest campaign is to seduce tourists from the UK, Germany and France

June 23, 2011

Polish Tourist Organization (so-called POT) – a government unit which is responsilble for promotion of Poland as an attractive tourist destination abroad – has launched a new advertising campaign prepared for three key markets: the United Kingdom, Germany and France.  POT has identified the lack of knowledge about the variety of attractions Poland can offer as the main barrier stopping British, German and French tourists from choosing Poland as their holiday destination.  People in Western Europe still associate Poland with the gloomy postcommunist landscape and perceive it mainly as a source of cheap labour force.  The new campaign – developed by ad agency BBDO Warszawa – is trying to challange those negative stereotypes by showing the diversity and positive energy of Poland as well as hospitality and vibrancy of Polish people.


The slogan of this campaign is delivered by the girl in the final scene who says Feel Invited with an audible Polish accent which is a nice call-to-action closing of the advert which is asking the foreign viewers the crucial question: how many Poles does it take to convince them to come to Poland? 


The French version of the spot features the tagline Soyez les bienvenus! and the German one – fühl Dich eingeladen! The campaign is also part of the efforts to promote Poland as country that will host the EURO 2012 football championships (together with Ukraine) – this is subtly hinted by the footage of 50 000 Polish football fans in Warsaw in front of the newly-constructed National Stadium.


The English version of the ad has become quite a viral hit on YouTube – it has over 415 000 views in just 2 weeks.  Of course it is viewed mostly by Polish people who love to complain about the way their country is promoted abroad.  Nevertheless this spot receives predominantly positive opinions and I also feel that it captures the spirit of Poland! Well, feel invited!

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