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Got Crunchips, got the party! – a successful long-term campaign of Crunchips snacks

February 19, 2012

Crunchips is a very popular brand of potato chips in Poland – it is manufactured by Lorenz Snack-World, a German company which has some production facilities in Poland.  The chips category in Poland has one strong leader which is the Lays brand with over 30% market share, and  Crunchips comes as the second brand in the category, although the low-priced private labels also have a big volume share.

A few years back Crunchips brand faced a problem of losing market share and declining brand image within the core target of 15-25 age group.  At that point – in the Fall of 2002 – a new advertising format for Crunchips was introduced with a catchy claim: Jest Crunchips, jest impreza [Got Crunchips, Got the Party] which quickly revitalized the brand.


The new ads – which showcased the pack of Crunchips as the magic wand that is capable of turning anything boring and old-fashioned into a loud and crazy party – became very popular with its desired target audience. No doubt that this sense of humour resonates well with the Polish youngsters.


Crunchips’ ads always employed the symbols of boredom and oppression for young people (e.g. teachers, politicians, policemen or clerks) and demonstrated how even those utterly miserable figures can be transformed into wild party animals!


The repeated use of the campaign’s slogan and imagery which associated Crunchips with parties allowed the brand to hijack the “party” environment in the consumers’ minds.

The Crunchips campaign is created by a local Polish advertising agency called Just.

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