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International celebrities in Polish advertising – Part 1

February 22, 2009

Polish advertising has some history of notable international celebrities supporting Polish brands. I think the first big star hired to revive a Polish brand was a French actor Jean Reno who advertised a local beer brand called EB back in the 1990s. 

Unfortunatelly he didn’t manage to help this fading brand which once used to be the biggest beer brand in Poland. Soon EB’s sales decreased so badly that it was withdrawn from the national market and kept alive only as a regional beer in the Pomerania region where it originally came from.

Some time later, Polish TV audience could watch Italian actress and megastar Sofia Loren  praising Polish premium pasta called Malma.  This also turned out to be a flop for the Malma brand that got into big financial problems.

Your Day, Your Water - print ad for Arctic with Cindy Crawford

Your Day, Your Water - print ad for Arctic with Cindy Crawford

The next big star to promote a Polish brand was American supermodel Cindy Crawford who shot a TV commercial in California for a newly-launched brand of mineral water called Arctic which belongs to a Polish company called HOOP.  The campaign with Crawford was also used to launch Arctic in Russia.

Last year we had some more examples of such foreign stars collaborating with purely Polish brands. 

BZ WBK, one of the biggest Polish retail banks launched a big campaign for consumer loans that starred ex-Monty Pyhton John Cleese – there were 3 different TVCs on air, but only the first one created a huge buzz and unintentionally promoted to nationwide fame a small Polish town called Pcim as Cleese claimed in the commercial that his aunt was from Pcim. 

Cash Loan - Everybody takes it: cheaply, easily and quickly

Cash Loan - Everybody takes it: cheaply, easily and quickly


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