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International celebrities in Polish advertising – Part 2

February 23, 2009

Radio ZET is the second biggest radio station in Poland and the most popular in the capital city of Warsaw.  In September 2004 Radio ZET made a big effort to impress Polish audience with the massive advertising campaign which starred Madonna who was just back with the successful single “Music” at the time. The goal was to finally defeat RMF FM, the big rival station from Cracow.

The TV spot was a bit of a disappointment – Zbigniew Zamachowski, the Polish actor who played Madonna’s chauffeur in the spot, was set against the footage taken from Madonna’s video-clips. The campaign’s slogan was: Radio ZET. Only The Big Hits.  The campaign’s goal was not achieved – Radio ZET remained #2 station.

Radio ZET.  Only The Big Hits

Radio ZET. Only The Big Hits


Just one year later Radio ZET decided to hire another big music star – this time the choice was the rebellious Robbie Williams who was the first to speak out the station’s new tagline: Playing Tender  [Czułe granie].  The spot was shot in Hollywood and Robbie’s song “Feel” is present in the background.

The TV campaign with Robbie Williams started in September 2005. It was underlined that Williams had never advertised any other radio station before and it was also his first time to speak other language than English in a commercial.

Radio ZET. Playing Tender

Radio ZET. Playing Tender

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