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Live and Win with OSHEE Isotonic Sports Drink

September 3, 2010

OSHEE Isotonic Sports Drink is a new brand of sports drink developed by a Polish company called Oshee Polska based in Kraków.  The new brand was launched in June 2009 in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. 

OSHEE is a functional drink for the new generation of people leading a very active lifestyle.  Its main task is to help regulate water and electrolyte of the human body and support muscle.  This summer OSHEE had a strong advertising campaign in Poland which included TV and outdoor.  Below you may check the TV spot that is aired in Poland.

The ad was created by a local Polish agency called Henyo Behrendt and directed by Henryk Szymański.  The Out-of-Home campaign was focused on communicating the new OSHEE bidon bottle – the comfortable 600 ml bottle that was introduced this year

OSHEE's billboard with a headline: O live and win!

OSHEE’s outdoor campaign generated a huge buzz and word-of-mouth effect after a huge megaboard with the headline:  O live and win!  [ o-live in Polish means “come to life” or “revive”]  was placed in Krakow close to the Wawel hill where the late Polish president Lech Kaczynski, perished in the recent plane crash, is burried.  Of course, the conservative right-wing politicians caused a major uproar in the media about it and accused OSHEE of shameless exploitation of the national tragedy.

OSHEE's megaboard in Krakow

OSHEE’s main competitors are the well-established global brands: Powerade, Gatorade and Isostar.  But since these brands haven’t been advertised for a while, it is very likely that OSHEE may steal the top position in the target group’s mind.

OSHEE's new bidon range (600 ml bottles)

OSHEE’s range of flavours include: multifruit (blue), cherry (red), grapefruit (white), lemon (yellow) and orange (dark blue).  OSHEE also offers: 250 ml cans, OSHEE Isotabs, OSHEE vitaminshot and OSHEE detox.  You may check OSHEE’s website for more information:

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