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TP’s Heart & Brain become the most beloved advertising mascots in Poland

November 21, 2011

TP SA – the name stands for Polish Telecommunications, a former monopolist in the telecom business in Poland, now owned by France Telecom – is certainly a company that had to struggle to change the negative image it had inherited from the past.  It has been perceived as expensive, bureaucratic, slow and delivering poor customer service.

Heart & Brain - TP's advertising characters since 2010

Not much had changed until a year ago TP launched a new campaign format which brought to life two distinctive advertising mascots – Heart and Brain – which personify the campaign’s core idea: Whether you listen to your brain or your heart, TP’s offer is always the best for you.


Since their first TV spot, the new characters became extremely popular and evoked a lot of positive reactions which was quite a surprise for such a disliked brand as TP SA.  The main strength of this campaign is how the two characters are created, always in opposition to each other, but still having a strong emotional connection.  They don’t advocate TP’s offer in a direct way, they’d rather test it as any customer would.


Heart is always emotional, brave, a bit naive and quick-tempered, whereas Brain prefers to think it over, sometimes he tends to be shy and over-intellectual, but he always shows a lot of patience and tolerance for Heart’s extravagant behaviour.


The popularity of the campaign manifests itself in all areas – the mascots are a popular auction item at Allegro, a Polish auction and e-commerce portal; the TV ads score very high quantity of views on YouTube and a Facebook fanpage of Heart & Brain has just reached 520 000 fans thus becoming the 2nd most popular Polish fanpage on Facebook.

TP's Heart & Brain fanpage on Facebook - over 520 000 fans!

What are the other factors of this campaign’s success? For sure, continuity, regularity and good quality – TP delivers a new TV ad or an internet viral spot every couple of weeks.  Heart & Brain are not about one brilliant execution (although there surely were some outstanding ones), but about the repeated formula for success.


Each new spot contains the same conflict of personalities between Heart and Brain, but it’s always set in a new environment or dressed up in a new surprising costume.  And it always has witty copywriting flavoured with a unique sense of humour!


The business results of this campaign have been just acknowledged by the jury of Polish edition of Effie Awards which awarded Publicis Warsaw, the agency which created the campaign, with Grand Prix of 2011 edition of effectiveness contest.

TP's Heart & Brain - press adverts

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