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The threat of annihilation in Plus’ parody of Star Trek series

October 23, 2011

After the completion of a campaign inspired by the British sitcom Fawlty Towers, Plus – the second biggest mobile network in Poland – kicked off a new campaign which again reveals quite specific source of creative inspiration.  The new campaign of Plus’ pay-as-you-go offer is set at a spaceship which clearly recalls the Star Trek‘s Enterprise. British actors hired for the Fawlty Towers campaign are also cast in the new one and seem to enjoy the sci-fi convention.


The new campaign communicates a special offer of internet called Internet Tamer, which users of Plus’ prepaid tarifs can have free-of-charge when they top their account. There’s a common belief among Polish consumers that using internet by mobile phone is very costly and this campaign and promotion intends to change this attitude by inviting consumers to test it for free.

Plus' billboard ad / copy: Try out the free-of-charge internet in your mobile

In the second TV spot the brave crew of the spaceship faces the command of self-destruction. The guys discuss how they dislike the self-destruction thing, especially that one of them has just activated the free-of-charge internet package with Plus.  The ad closes with the voice-over  urging us to try out the offer before it’s too late.

Advertising Agency:  303, Warsaw (Poland)
Director:  Michał Sabliński
Production:  Papaya Films
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