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Tiger Energy Drink kicks off its first TV campaign under the new owner

September 24, 2011

The end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 was a very turbulent period for the Tiger Energy Drink which was a subject of a heated battle between two rival companies FoodCare and Maspex.  If you don’t know the story yet, you may check my earlier post for details.  Now it seems settled that FoodCare lost Tiger brand irrevocably and thus its new owner – Maspex Wadowice – has just started its first major TV campaign in Poland.


The two 30″ TV ads showcase Tiger Energy Drink as an almost magical concoction that turns wimps into tough guys who can make it in any difficult situation they face.  The first ad – called “Office” – is slightly mysogynist as the protagonist has to handle a repulsive female boss whom he perceives as a fire-belching dragon…  The second spot – called “Stadium” – depicts a wimpish guy who outwits a bunch of hooligans at a football stadium.


Both ads close with Tiger’s original tagline Power is back and direct the viewers to Tiger’s new brand website at:  Unfortunatelly the website is not yet worth visiting – just basic things (news, ads, product range) – I suspect that Tiger’s Facebook fanpage is a more vibrant place, though it has only 2600 fans so far.

Tiger's brand website:

An independent, local shop from Warsaw called Brand Place is responsible for this campaign effort from Maspex. The TV ads were directed by Maciej Kowalczuk and produced by Lemon Film Studio.  The 3D animation was developed by The BUG and postproduction was made at Chimney POT.

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