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Impressive 3D megaboard promotes Żywiec Zdrój water in Warsaw

July 17, 2011

A few days ago I spotted this big format outdoor advert of Żywiec Zdrój – the most popular brand of mineral water in Poland with value market share of about 20%.  The advert is located on the front of an old house that is being renovated, right in the very center of Warsaw at Aleje Jerozolimskie, just a few steps from Warsaw Central railway station.

There would be nothing special about this megaboard if not for the eye-catching 3D solution employed – it is the table that is standing out of the flat advert along with the big bottle of Żywiec Zdrój water, a fruit-flavoured variant.

In Poland people tend to choose mineral water which they can easily associate with its geographical source – this explains the big success of Żywiec Zdrój brand which is obviously identified with the area of Żywiec Beskids, a mountain range in the south of Poland as well as the Żywiec Landscape Park.  It is also the area that the famous Żywiec Brewery is located.  As you may see the megaboard also showcases the Żywiec Zdrój water within countryside landscape with mountains in the background.

The headline of the advert says:  It fills up the taste of each meal.  Żywiec Zdrój water is bottled and distributed by Żywiec Zdrój S.A., a Polish company established in 1992 in Cięcin, a small town near Żywiec.   The range of Żywiec Zdrój includes both natural, sparkling and several fruit-flavoured waters.

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