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T-Mobile replaces Era brand – the biggest rebranding of 2011 in Poland has begun

June 4, 2011

Era is one of the most popular Polish brands – it ranked 5 in the Marka 2010, a chart of the most precious Polish brands.  Era belongs to the so-called BIG 3 mobile networks in Poland and it was the first one that began to offer mobile GSM service in 1996.  Now Era boasts over 13 million customers in Poland.  Deutsche Telekom has acquired 100% shares in PTC, the owner of Era brand and thus on 5 June 2011 Era brand will become history as Deutsche Telekom’s global brand T-Mobile replaces Era in Poland.  It is most probably going to be one of the biggest and most expensive rebrandings of this year. The rebranding’s cost has been claimed to be around $37 million.  The rebranding campaign has been planned for 3 stages and it started a few weeks ago with the below simple billboards in Era’s blue brand identity announcing that: The Special Moment is Coming

Era's rebranding teaser - stage #1

As you can notice in the lower part of the ad there is a broken line in T-Mobile’s characteristic magenta colour.  This served as a kind of invitation to tear off the lower part and check what is behind.  This was the focus of the first teaser TV ads that showed a group of people interacting with Era’s billboard.

Soon after the TV ads began to air, the first billboards were replaced with the second stage of the teaser that has already revealed a bigger portion of T-Mobile’s magenta branding.

Era's rebranding teaser - stage #2

As of this moment that I’m writing, we have already entered the final – reveal stage of the rebranding campaign. Most of the blue Era billboards have been replaced by the magenta welcome ads of T-Mobile which say: Welcome to the 129 million people around the world who are connected by T-Mobile.

Era's rebranding reveal - stage #3

On TV a new ad is aired now that showcases the reveal of T-Mobile brand as the successor of Era.  The TV spot is also introducing the Polish version of T-Mobile’s global tagline Life’s for sharingChwile, które łączą (tagline in Polish).

Also first image billboards of T-Mobile have appeared in the streets along with the magenta “reveal” billboards showed above.  The image ad shows young people playing with soap bubbles supported by the headline: There are so many moments worth sharing.

T-Mobile's first image billboard / copy: There are so many moments worth sharing

Era’s rebranding campaign has been prepared by ad agency G7, media house Starcom – both from Warsaw, Poland.

T-Mobile replaces Era - internet banner ad

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