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Cold impulse from Lech Beer makes people fly over the city

May 12, 2011

Lech Premium Beer, the popular Polish brand targeted at students and young adults who seek adventure and fun, started a new campaign just before the summer season which is the crucial ‘high sales’ period for the breweries in Poland.  Lech’s packaging was also refreshed and the labels now bear the brand’s name written vertically.

Despite the recent change of the advertising agency, Lech Premium continues the Cold Lech creative format which was launched last year with the campaign I discussed here some weeks ago.  The new TV advert which was premiered on Lech’s Facebook fanpage was shot in Argentina and showcases how Lech beer ignites fun and makes people join in…

The spot was directed by Fredrik Callinggard and features a song “Colours” by American band GroupLove.  The campaign is focused on internet where a lot of activities take place at Lech’s Facebook fanpage  and its official website.  At the fanpage Lech’s fans have two games / contests in which they can win a portable fridge full of cold Lech beer.  One of the games invites us to fly over the city and collect our Facebook friends just as it’s depicted in the above TV commercial.

Lech's Facebook fanpage with the game

So far Lech managed to gather over 50 000 fans on Facebook and remains a very active brand in social media.  At Lech’s official website – – users can participate in another funny contest which invites them to shoot a short film which would depict how they jump to get a cold Lech beer.  The authors of the most extraordinary jump can win a monthly supply of Lech beer!

Lech Premium's website

Advertising Agency:  McCann Erickson, Warsaw (Poland)
Interactive Agency:  Artegence
Media Agency:  Starcom
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  1. milo permalink
    September 23, 2011 08:32

    Photo of ice packshot and design of Key Visual made by Mango DESIGN Studio from Poznan (Poland).

  2. phuckingass permalink
    July 20, 2012 23:10

    crap beer sold mostly hot throughout poland, which makes it even worse

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