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Thirsty for some excitement? Grab the cold Lech beer!

April 10, 2011

Lech Premium Beer is one of the most popular Polish mainstream beer brands targeted at young urban people who spend their free time partying, clubbing and the likes.  Until recently, Lech addressed mainly the male part of target group with the campaign Friday’s coming. Things are about to happen, which I discussed in one of the previous posts here.

Last year Lech kicked off a new, more unisex, communication line with a slogan:  Thirsty for some excitement? Cold Lech.  A huge branded juggernaut of cold Lech beer is the leitmotif and the key visual of the new campaign which started in May 2010.

The first TV spot which marked the introduction of the new campaign format showcased the Lech juggernaut delivering the refreshing beer as well as some snow to the thirsty sun-baked city. The ad features a song Hate to Say I Told You So by The Hives.

The new campaign employed outdoor and internet as the main support media for the TV executions.  In some Polish cities Lech had unstandard megaboards which featured the brand’s juggernaut in 3D attached to the otherwise flat megaboard ad.

Lech's megaboard in Warsaw / headline: Green Light for home parties!

These ads promoted a special contest Green Light for Home Parties in which people could win one of 3000 free-of-charge home deliveries of cold Lech beer for their home party.  This was also the theme of the second TV ad which dramatized a crazy home binge at the culminating point when the host discovers he has run out of beer…


The TV ad directed people interested in the contest to Lech’s refreshed brand website: where they could participate in the competition as well as engage further with the brand.

Lech Beer's website

For the summer of 2010 Lech also launched a new type of can with special pressing points that according to the ads allowed for a better grip on that improved can.

Lech's billboard / headline: New can. A better grip!

Advertising Agency:  Grandes Kochonos, Poland
Interactive Agency:  Artegence
Media Agency:  Starcom

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