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Orange continues its successful “The Magic Land” campaign format

April 4, 2011

Last year Orange introduced a new advertising format for its pay-as-you-go offer in Poland – the 3D animated fantasy of the Magic Land populated by funny creatures called “Minutes” and “Text Messages”.  In May 2010 I wrote here about the first TV ads of this campaign  which proved quite successful in generating positive response and garnered some ad awards.  The new adverts of 2011 follow the rewarded format – the ad called Zegar Stop [Clock Stop] dramatizes a promotion which allows to stop time (of phone-calls)  if you top up your account with just 1 zloty per day.

The fruit-like and warm-coloured Orange’s magic land captured people’s attention on TV, outdoor and internet executions alike.  It was a first major campaign by this telecom brand that received a lot of attention and positive feedback.

Copy: And what would you choose? A text message or a minute - in Orange land of pay-as-you-go

It’s no surprise then that Orange carries on the appreciated advertising format.  Another ad called hiperOdnowa [hyperRenewal]  communicates another promotional offer that allows users who regularly top up their account to get back the money ivested for even more talking in Orange.

The campaign created has created its main animated characers – the small round-shaped “Text Message” and the bigger horse-like “Minute” which appear in the ads to embody the promotional offers. 

The latest Orange campaign advertises the new promotion called Package To Everybody which consists of 1000 text messages which cost just 10 zlotys and can be used for contacting people in all mobile networks during 14 days. 

Advertising Agency:  Leo Burnett, Warsaw (Poland)
Creative Directors: Pawel Heinze, Krzysztof Iwinski
Art Director: Mateusz Goll
Copywriter: Natalia Dudek
Illustrator: Mateusz Goll

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