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Red Bull returns with a new set of cartoon TV ads

March 13, 2011

Red Bull seems to have sensed its chance to regain the leadership in the energy drink category in Poland and launched a new TV campaign that revives its well-known “sketchy” cartoon format.  The message of the campaign is focused on the reviving the mind and stimulating intellectual prowess attributes with the usual slogan: Red Bull gives you wings as the closing line.  The first ad of the new set is called ping-pong.

Red Bull’s main rival and category volume leader in Poland – Tiger Energy Drink – is facing serious legal hardships for several months now.  The ex-boxer Dariusz “Tiger” Michalczewski has renounced his agreement with FoodCare that licensed this company to use his nickname “Tiger” for the name of the energy drink.  Michalczewski quickly signed a new agreement with another Polish company Maspex and thus now we have a legal battle between FoodCare and Maspex over the rights to produce and distribute Tiger Energy Drink.  Meanwhile, Red Bull launched a new variant of packaging – a 330 ml quality PET bottle that may be an alternative for Tiger’s similar type of plastic bottle.

The second ad of the new Red Bull’s campaign is called Ali Baba and tells the story of the robber who tries to enter the sesame to no success as he forgot the secret password. Ali Baba offers him a can of Red Bull to revive his memory and thus the robber recalls the password that opens the sesame…

The third spot, called Storks, features a couple of storks in their nest lamenting over the sudden lack of phone-calls from people requesting a new baby (in the popular stories told to children storks have been often described as the ones who deliver new babies).  One of the storks reveals the reason of this depressing situation – people now drink Red Bull, so they have clear minds and don’t believe in stork stories anymore.

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