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Be resourceful with Orange for Business clients

February 19, 2011

Basically I am not a big fan of  Orange brand and its communication style in Poland – it tends to be quite conservative and polite, rarely evoking any stronger emotions.  As always there are some exceptions to the rule and today I would like to share with you two TV ads that promote Orange for Business, i.e.  Orange plans for owners of small businesses.  The first spot – which was on air in February 2010 – shows an enterprising balloon vendor who manages to win the attention of a school trip by preparing a brand new set of eye-catching balloons made out of elastic gloves he purchased at the nearby pharmacy.

Orange managed here to boost the self-esteem of the sole traders by showcasing in a smart manner their entrepreneurial skills.  The key visual of this campaign – the funny glove-balloon with one big blue eye and orange finger-hair – served as a very conspicuous mnemonic which linked the TV and print executions.

Orange for Business - print lay-out 2010 campaign

A more recent campaign that has been on air since the beginning of 2011 has a very similar message – small business owners are very clever and resourceful people and they know how to make it in the everyday jungle.  Thus they will know how to choose the best mobile offer for their business.  Orange for Business offers unlimited free-of-charge calls within Orange network.  The second TV spot tells a story of a hotdog vendor whose kiosk becomes trapped in the midst of some road works.  Of course the owner comes up with a brilliant idea that brings him closer to the customers.

Advertising Agency:  Euro RSCG 4D Warsaw (Poland)
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