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TVN’s new spot announcing the 2011 Spring Schedule

February 12, 2011

In one of my previous posts I wrote about TVN – the most popular commercial TV station in Poland – and its successful string of promotional spots that are prepared for every Spring and Fall to announce the new (and recurring) shows that make up the station’s schedule.  A new spot which promotes the 2011 Spring Schedule has just been revealed – it’s a 60-second tour de TVN’s most anticipated shows represented by the station’s main celebrities which make a complex arrangement in a form of Rube Goldberg machine

The most awaited new show that will have its premiere on TVN in a few weeks is the Polish edition of  X Factor. The preparation for the shooting of this film took over 2 months – the crew with students of Warsaw colleges made up the ideas for the machine’s arrangement.  Then the machines were built.  Below you may see the “making-of” footage that goes behind the scenes of the spot production.

The actual shooting with the celebrities lasted 2 days.   The music track that features in the promo spot is “Run” by American indie rock band called Vampire Weekend.

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