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A million things fight for your attention at Allegro

January 11, 2011

Allegro is the biggest online auction website and e-commerce platform in Poland with almost 11 million real users as of October 2010.  The global giant – eBay – did not manage to succeed in Poland due to Allegro’s extreme predominance in the Polish market.  You may check Allegro’s website at:

Allegro has been also known for its outstanding advertising campaigns.  In 2009 Allegro appointed a new local agency called Brain which developed a new integrated campaign with a slogan:  A million things fight for your attention which started in May 2009.  The key idea was to show how the products available at Allegro are actively fighting for the attention of the potential buyers. 

The two TV spots showcased the actual fights between sneakers (above) and toasters (below) – the winning product being lifted up in a magical way which might suggest ascension into heaven, but in fact it’s just the moment of being purchased by some Allegro’s user.

The campaig ran across different media including TV, radio, outdoor and obviously internet – a special campaign minisite has been created – – which attempts to show in a funny way the behind-the-scenes of Allegro.  Three products – a lamp, a toaster and a sneaker – reveal their ways of impressing the potential buyers.

The outdoor lay-out showed a pink toaster literally fight for our attention with a naked blonde bombshell…  Of course the sexy girl having no chance to overcome the brave toaster!

Advertising Agency:  Brain, Warsaw (Poland)
TV ads directed by:  Bartek Ignaciuk
Interactive Agency:  Ars Thanea
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