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Saga Tea’s teddy bears celebrate their 10th birthday

September 22, 2010

Saga is a local Polish tea-brand which was developed by Unilever and gradually conquered Polish market since its launch in 1996.  Saga is the low-end brand that guards Unilever’s global brand Lipton from engaging in price competition with other local brands. 

Saga’s quick rise to power is a great case-study how the coherent marketing strategy can elevate a new-comer to a position of the market leader.  According to brand awareness research, over 96% of Polish consumers know Saga tea and quantitatively it has been the #1 tea-brand in Polish market.  For 10 years now Saga organizes its annual teddy-bear promotions in which consumers can collect several teddy-bears hidden in the Saga tea packages. 

Saga's teddy-bear promotion: Celebrate 10th birthday with us! Get the teddy-bear!


Every year Saga’s teddy-bears are different and may be used for different functions, but they always come as a family of teddy-bears, so the consumers can collect several different variants of the mascot.  For example, in 2007 the teddy bears came with magnets in their hands, so they could be stuck on the fridge.

This year the anniversary teddy bears are holding little message boards on which consumers may write their own personal messages to their family or friends.  Saga’s 10th teddy bear promotion is heavily advertised in television with a nice spot that employs stop-motion animation by Marek Skrobecki (director) and Adam Wyrwas (animator), who won an Oscar for his short film animation called  Piotruś i Wilk  [Peter and the Wolf].

The campaign also includes internet display banners, outdoor advertising in bus-shelters’ citylight pannels as the one you may check below and point-of-sale materials that communicate the promotion.

The teddy-bear's message board says: I'm glad that we're waiting together!


The TV ad for this campaign has been prepared by JWT Warsaw, an agency that has been working for Saga since its launch.  The print lay-outs as well as the promotion itself have been delivered by IQ Marketing.

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