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The image of ice-cream extravaganza from Carte D’Or

July 14, 2010
For over a week now we have been trying to survive an exhausting heat wave in Poland.  And nothing else can get you cool better than a delightful ice-cream or a sumptuous sorbet. Below you may see one of my favourite  print campaigns that ran in magazines in Poland in the summer of 2005. 

Carte D'Or "cold pear"

It’s simple, aspirational, and conveys the key message through a captivating mouth-watering images, still retaining a great deal of branding.  This campaign introduced a line of new Carte D’Or  ice-cream desserts with a slogan: The ice-cream extravaganza

Carte D'Or "tiramisu"

 I can assure you that these lay-outs caught the eye – especially the cold peach and the cold pear ones thanks to the remaking of the packaging in the shape of the fruit.

Carte D'Or "cold peach"

CarteD'Or advocat ad

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