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Nescafe and Tchibo compete for the best coffee crema in the Polish market

July 8, 2010

In May 2010 Nestle’s Nescafe launched a new type of instant coffee in Polish market called Nescafe Creme.  A very visible outdoor campaign communicated the new product to the consumers with a slogan:  Delicate coffee with foam.

Outdoor launch campaign of Nescafe Creme / copy: Delicate coffee with foam

 As you may see the billboards had a very nice key-visual with a close-up of a coffee cup taken from above and the slogan engraved in the rich crema which is obviously the crucial distinguishing mark of this product.

It didn’t take long for the competitors of Nescafe to react.  In June 2010 the German brand Tchibo started a widespread launch campaign of its new variant of instant coffee called Tchibo Gold Crema.  Just like Nescafe’s new product, Tchibo Gold Crema boasts about its rich golden foam. 

The standard launch billboard ad of Tchibo Gold Crema / copy: Full of golden foam

Tchibo’s launch campaign includes TV and Outdoor.  The slogan employed in the campaign for this new product is:  Tchibo Gold Crema. Full of  golden foam.  As for the billboards, there are two types – the standard ones as you may see above and the unstandard 3D billboards which draw attention to the coffee jar and the cup of coffee that are partly standing out of the rectangular billboard. 

Tchibo Gold Crema's launch 3D billboard

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