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Robert Kubica fronts the launch of new energy drink called N-GINE

May 31, 2010

FoodCare, the company which makes the popular Tiger Energy Drink  – the volume market leader in Poland – is currently launching a new brand of energy drink called N-GINE.   The new drink is endorsed by highly popular Formula 1  driver Robert Kubica (Renault team) who signed a contract with FoodCare – his face and signature appear in the billboards that are now visible all over Poland.  N-GINE’s brand claim says:  Fuel 4 Action.

copy: I recommend. Robert Kubica

It is interesting to see how FoodCare is copying Red Bull’s marketing efforts.  Red Bull sponsors one of the top teams of Formula 1 which bears Red Bull’s name and obviously gives this global brand high exposure in the media around the world and builds brand awareness and brand image.  Robert Kubica is the only Polish F1 driver to date and thus enjoys national reverence and popular support among Poles.  Therefore FoodCare’s idea to give the new brand Kubica’s face and endorsement may prove very successful. N-GINE is the first Polish brand that enters the Formula 1 world.  Kubica’s baseball cap, his racing outfit and his bottle are also branded with N-Gine’s logo now.   N-Gine’s website – – is not ready yet and only says: Visit Us Soon

N-Gine's website (as of 30 May 2010)

I’ve seen plenty of N-GINE’s billboards but in fact I haven’t come across N-Gine itself in any shop so far.  It seems that the distribution of the new drink is delayed.  I’m quite curious how FoodCare positioned N-Gine versus its other brand Tiger Energy Drink.  As Tiger makes the volume, N-Gine could be positioned opposite Red Bull as the upper market brand and bring the company higher margins.  Poland is supposed to be the first country where N-Gine is launched, but it’s quite likely that FoodCare plans to sell it outside Poland as well.

Update (5 June 2010): N-GINE’s first TV ad is aired on TV now – if features the song My Favourite Game by The Cardigans.

I have also seen special N-GINE’s promo stands in Tesco, so the product is finally available in the shops and the price is around 0.65 EUR for a can.

N-GINE's ad at a bus shelter & N-GINE's promo stand at Tesco

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  1. Nicole permalink
    June 1, 2010 23:57

    There is a new drink that is all-natural, it is called ThinQ! Check it out at

  2. September 27, 2010 14:54

    Hi, I’m from Hungary, and I wanna try this energydrink, do you have any idea, how can I get it? 🙂 thnx


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