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Polish remake of Ben Affleck’s AXE clicker campaign

May 8, 2010

It seems that Unilever Poland went though its vast archive of Axe / Lynx international campaigns and stumbled upon this old campaign with Ben Affleck from 2006.  Affleck stars as the irresistable womaniser who collects women’s flirtatious glances with a funny clicker device. Eventually he realizes that he is still less attractive than an average guy who uses Axe deo.

Last week Axe launched a big integrated campaign in Poland based on this old “clicker” concept from 2006.  The TV spot features a popular Polish actor called Borys Szyc who is notorious for his prowess.  The campaign includes TV ads, outdoor and internet.  Below you may check out the Polish remake of the Axe “clicker” ad with Borys Szyc in the role previously played by Ben Affleck.

The spot was first launched at YouTube where ad banners were displayed which linked to the special AXE channel  which features both the TV ad and the making-of video as well as the link to Axe’s Facebook fanpage.  The TV spot has now reached over 220 000 views in just 12 days at YouTube which is a very good result for a Polish commercial.

For the first time in Poland Axe decided to use the social media – in this case: Facebook – where the fans of Axe’s fanpage had a chance to win the campaign gadget: the clicker. There are 20 000 clickers to be distributed through Axe’s Facebook fanpage – one can check how many of them are left.  At this moment it is 15 826 clickers still available for the Axe boys…

screen from AXE's Facebook fanpage - clicker distribution

Currently Axe Fanpage has reached over 25 000 fans.  The campaign is also visible in big format outdoor placements in top locations of the biggest Polish cities – below you may see the megaboard in the downtown of Lodz.

Axe megaboard ad in Lodz / copy: Do you click?

Advertising Agency: Red8 Communications Group
Media Agency:  Media Direction OMD

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