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TVN’s successful self-promo campaigns

April 24, 2010

TVN is currently the most popular commercial TV network in Poland for the highly desired target group of urban 18-49 age bracket. It made its debut in October 1997 and for the first time achieved the leader status back in 2001 when it aired the Polish edition of  Big Brother, the licensed reality show format.

TVN's logo

Nowadays TVN’s programming is a mixture of its own productions (TV series, talk-shows, Evening News) and the popular licensed formats. The highest-rated shows of TVN’s schedule in the last years were: Dancing with the StarsGot TalentYou can danceWho Wants to Be a MillionaireUgly Betty (Polish version),  The SopranosGrace Under Fire (Polish version),  Fakty (News show), Szymon Majewski Show (entertainment show),  Kuba Wojewódzki (celebrity talk-show) and  Nanny (Polish version).  TVN has been very successful in establishing strong brands of its key shows and building its own image campaigns based on the strong programming. Thus TVN’s slogan says: Programowo Najlepsza  [The Best Programmed]. Every year TVN has two major image campaigns to launch the Spring and the Fall schedule respectively.  Below you may watch the TV promo spot for TVN’s 2009 Fall Schedule which features Regina Spektor‘s Two Birds as its soundtrack.

Recently the TV spot which promoted TVN’s 2009 Spring Schedule won the 2nd place in the category called The Most Outstanding Promo of the Year at the European contest organized by Promax/BDA.  You may check out this beautifully-crafted advert below.  It’s worth to mention that this spot boosted the popularity of a fairly unknown Australian singer Lenka and her song “The show” became a major radio airplay hit in Poland as a result of the strong exposure in TVN’s promo campaign.

TVN’s campaigns are created in-house by the network’s Promotion Department.  Below you may watch one of the first elaborate promo spots which launched the 2008 Fall Schedule.  It features a song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.

Created by:  Robert Przyszlak
Directed by:  Maciej Szwabe
Photography:  Piotr Piesiak
Production:  Michał Leśniewski / Film Skafander

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