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Zelmer returns with a new “infallibility tests” TV campaign

February 22, 2010

In 2006 Zelmer, the biggest Polish producer of small household appliances, launched an immensly successful TV campaign (more info here) which showcased Zelmer’s appliances as made to be long-lasting, fail-safe and reliable because Zelmer’s engineers know excatly the ways the consumers use their products.  This was showed in a light-hearted and humourous way in a series of memorable TV spots.  The campaign helped to improve the brand image and boosted sales.  Therefore it was quite a challenge for Zelmer to live up to the high expectations that the viewers had regarding the brand’s advertising. 

Testing of Zelmer vacuum-cleaner at the R&D laboratory

In Fall 2009 Zelmer returned to television with a new series of TV spots which continue the concept of infallibility tests set at Zelmer’s R&D laboratory which proved so successful in the previous campaign.

The two engineers that perform the bizzare tests of the new Zelmer Aquawelt vacuum-cleaner desribe them in a funny manner: 

Engineer #1: Jack had breakfast and pushed over this cereal.
Engineer #2: It’s so typical of Jack!
Engineer #1: At birthday party, Aunt Matilda spilled compote.
Engineer #2: Oh, what has happened with the aunts nowadays?!
Engineer #1:  And now the dog runs inside…


The second variant of the spot is much more edgy as the clumsy aunt is replaced by the father who enters the house in muddy boots (Engineer #2 comments: Thank God he came back home at all. Worse things happen in families). Finally Uncle Ted had a really great time at the birthday party … and Engineer #1, who pretends to be Uncle Ted, pukes.

The second product that was promoted in the 2009 campaign was a new Zelmer hair-dryer which boasts several types of blow. Some of them are quite impactful!

… the new Zelmer’s hair-dryer can also produce negative ions which are really good for your hair! No matter if you are a man or a woman…

Zelmer’s new campaign was developed and created by Red8 Communications Group, Warsaw (Poland).

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  1. October 31, 2010 04:36

    vacuum cleaners with very powerful motors are the ones that we always buy, they are a bit expensive but definitely better —

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