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PZU’s funny side in the business insurance campaign

January 28, 2010

PZU is the biggest insurance company in Poland with market shares around 50%.  Its history goes back to 1921 when the company was established. In the communist era the state-owned PZU enjoyed the monopolist status in Poland.

The current logo of PZU

Since 1998 PZU has beed privatized.  Still it is one of the strongest, top-of-mind brands in Poland, though its image doesn’t quite match the brand awareness. The brand is perceived as bureaucratic, slow, old-fashioned, expensive and subject to political influence. Nevertheless, in the last couple of years PZU made several marketing efforts to change this image.  One of such attempts is the 2009 campaign which promoted business insurances flavoured with some light-hearted humour.

The creative idea for the campaign comes from the assumption that the staff does all kinds of stupid and dangerous things at work when the boss (i.e. owner of the business) is not present.

In the first TV spot we see two workers who come up with the stupid idea of racing in a fork-lift truck around the warehouse. When the fork-lift truck gets out of control and demolishes everything on its way, the voice-over says: Carelessness of other people may cost you a fortune.  Check our insurances of staff and property.  Now even 30% cheaper. 

The second TV commercial is set at a hairdresser’s. The owner of the business leaves his two employees alone for a while.  One of them is playing with hair spray and a lighter. When the owner returns, the two guys are escaping the place which is on fire… 

PZU's print ad / Headline: Carelessness of others may cost you a fortune / Body: Hey! Check how the hair spray explodes!

 Advertising Agency:  Leo Burnett, Warsaw

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