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Okocim Beer and its “only for eagles” campaign

January 17, 2010

Okocim Brewery was established in 1845 in southeastern part of Poland. Before the World War II the Okocim beer was very popular in Poland as well as exported to many European countries and the USA.  In 1943 the characteristic sign of a goat on a red shield was designed which became part of Okocim branding. 

Logo of Okocim beer in the 1990s

In 1991 Okocim was the first Polish brewery that introduced cans as an alternative to glass bottles. It was also Okocim that launched the stronger variant of its beer called Okocim Mocne and this was the first local Polish brand to enter this segment. Since 1996 Okocim Brewery belongs to the Danish Carlsberg group.

In 2009 Carlsberg made an effort to rebrand the whole portfolio of Okocim beers and upgrade the brand perception that was declining due to the competition from many newly-launched beer brands in Poland. The result was the intruduction of the new bottle with the name Okocim engraved upon it.

The Okocim family: Premium Pils, Premium Strong, Wheat, Porter

Below you can check the TV commercial that was aired in 2009 as a part of image campaign that communicated the new design of Okocim bottles as well as new slogan: Pleasure is at hand.

But it’s not the latest campaign that I wanted to focus on – I still remember the previous campaign for Okocim Mocne which is surely one of the most outstanding Polish beer campaigns of the last decade. It’s the campaign that started in 2006 and ran for over 2 years under a slogan: Only For Eagles. Here is the first TV spot of this campaign.

This campaign featured two clever Eagles as the main characters. The Eagles encountered other animals and always treated them with a bottle of Okocim Mocne. As the slogan explains, this beer is meant only for Eagles, so it had funny effect on other animals – in the first spot the cock wakes up the whole town in the middle of the night with his cockrowing.  In the second spot an ostrich comes across the Eagles – watch the ad below to see what happens to the poor ostrich after a gulp of Okocim Mocne.

The third TVad that completed this series was aired in 2007 and featured a funny Mole (the character that Polish people easily associate with a hillarious Czech cartoon). After joing the Eagles for a beer, the mole clearly has an identity problem and begins to act as a woodpecker 😉

Advertising Agency:  Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw

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