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Heyah embarks on a new cartoon campaign in 2009

January 3, 2010

Heyah, Polish pay-as-you-go mobile brand targeted at young people, had a great launch in 2004 and some other outstanding campaigns that followed in the nexy years.  The run of good luck didn’t last too long – the desire to extend the target group resulted in a series of bland campaigns that could only appeal to small-town and lower-educated audience and seemed to slowly destroy the unique sharp image which Heyah earned in its early years. 

Fortunately, in July 2009 we witnessed Heyah’s return to hard-boiled and uncompromising communication with the start of a new cartoon campaign which is continued until now. The campaign introduced two cartoon characters: a smart cat called Rysiek (Richie) and a bossy dog named Winston in a simple TV spot ends with a catchy tagline:  No to sru  [Here we go] which is a word-play on Polish mispronounciation of English word “through”.

This spot was extremely popular and has had over  500 000 views at YouTube which is a lot for a standard Polish TV commercial.  The TV campaign was supported with outdoor and internet campaign. The internet part was focused on an interactive comic contest – there is a special website: where you can create your own comic using the characters from Heyah’s TV spot.

Heyah's comic strip contest mini-site

The contest website allowed users to instantly publish the comic strip they created at their Facebook profile.  Similar application for creating Heyah comic strip was also available for the users of another local community web service called

A new TV spot followed promptly and showed how the smart cat handles two noisy ravens (in Polish “small raven” [kruczek] means also a loop-hole or a trick, which refers to all kinds of hidden catches often employed by rival mobile networks in their promotions).

Strong outdoor campaign helped to get the message through.  Polish cities were flooded with the billboards bearing the headline: We can’t stand the ravens.

Free-of-charge text messages to Heyah and 0,29 PLN/min for phone-calls within Poland

The new spot also had its interactive extension – a special on-line flash game with some video content available at this address:  The player is taking the role of the cat and has to get rid of all ravens.


Currently Heyah is airing the third TV spot which continues the new cartoon format – it promotes Heyah Mix offer with Sony Ericsson Flower Edition mobile.  This time Richie the Cat is reunited with Winston the Dog in a somewhat romantic encounter…

Advertising Agency:  G7 Warsaw
Interactive Agency: Interactive Solutions and  Engine
Media Agency:  Starcom Warsaw

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